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When you scroll through your favorite social media feed, how many #influencers do you find? How many people do you see trying to “get their message out there”? How many experts do you notice working to make their voice the loudest, the most relevant?

In our increasingly online lives, we are bombarded by #marketingideas, #brandingtips, and helpful advice on how to live that #entrepreneurlife.

How the heck do you sift through it all to create the road map 🗺️ for your personal success?! Not only that, how do you get your own message to reach and resonate with your target audience amidst all the noise?

We hear you (pun intended 😉), and we want to help.

Check out First Step to Famous, our video mini-series that gives you a few foundational practices to #buildyourbrand and get your message in front of the eyes that need to see it. Find the link in our bio!

What is one of your favorite #personalbrandingtips you’ve come across recently (from us or another #brandingexpert)? Drop it in the comments below! 👇



Hey! Don’t worry—the pressure is off. One of our favorite #personalbrandingtips for success is “In order to become an expert, you only need to know more than your audience.” (And actually, you only need to know more than your audience in one tiny, distilled area of expertise.)

We guarantee there are a lot of people who are one step behind you and wanting desperately to level up and do what you’re doing. Your job as you #buildyourbrand is simply to teach them that 1️⃣ step.

And OUR job as the #personalbrandingexpert is to teach you how to do that! To learn about #branddesign and how to own (and monetize! 💵) your expertise, head over to our bio and click the link to register for our free video mini-series First Step to Famous. Your audience and wallet will thank you. 😉

What’s something you know A LOT about? From ordinary to outlandish, from basic to bizarre, what’s a subject you’re an EXPERT on? 🤓  Share with us in the comments!



Ready for a #mindsetreset? We want to let you in on a secret: YOU have a unique message the world needs to hear.

Go ahead, roll your eyes. We know it sounds cliché, but it’s true! And while we’re on the subject, you also deserve to be paid well for sharing your unique gifts! 💰

Ah-ha, now we have your attention. 😉

Joking aside, Larry Winget’s advice to “find your uniqueness and exploit it in the service of others” is spot on when it comes to #personalbranding. 

Learn from a #personalbrandstrategist how to apply this principle in practical terms in our free video mini-series First Step to Famous. You’ll get all sorts of applicable advice to help you create an #influentialpersonalbrand. Find the link in our bio!

In the meanwhile, share something quirky or unique about yourself below! 😜



We live in a LOUD world. Everywhere you turn, you see, hear, touch, smell, BREATHE advertising. It’s no wonder most personal brands fail before they’ve even crossed the starting line… there’s simply too much competition, and that can make #branddevelopment seem really complicated.

You have a unique message that has the power to change peoples’ lives. ✌️

You are ready to embrace the #entrepreneurlife and are willing to learn. 👍

Now it’s time to #buildyourbrand with the help of a #personalbrandingexpert. 👊

Let us teach you how to rise above the noise in our free video mini-series First Step to Famous, where we share some key #personalbrandingtips for gaining clarity and getting noticed. 

Get the link in our bio, and drop your favorite personal brands in the comments! 👇



What does it mean to be a celebrity? It means your #personalbrand is so well-known in your industry that you no longer do cold calls or ask for referrals or worry about any type of major prospecting. It means people find you, instead of the other way around. 


Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? (#entrepreneurgoals!)

And guess what: We can teach you how to get there.

If you want to become known as a #thoughtleader in your industry... 
If you want to learn from a #personalbrandingexpert…
If you want to live your dream #entrepreneurlife…

...then check out First Step to Famous, a FREE video mini-series designed to help you #buildyourbrand and position yourself as the expert so you can make money and a difference. You’ll get #personalbrandingtips straight to your inbox, and you’ll soon develop a truly #influentialpersonalbrand.

Find the link in our bio, or comment “I’M READY” below to learn more! 😎



Everybody interested in building a #personalbrand knows how important it is to define your target market, right? (Please, 🙏 for the love of your bank account and business, say yes).

Here’s the cold hard truth: If you don’t take time to figure out exactly who your ideal target market is, you’re going to spend a lot of time, money, and resources marketing everywhere to everyone, and you’re still going to be asking yourself “why isn’t this #personalbranding stuff working?!”

Drop an emoji below that describes how solid (or not) you feel about your current audience! 😁🙂😬😖😭🤷

And, if you’re feeling a bit sheepish 🐑 and have to admit that no, you don’t yet know your niche, then 1) give yourself permission to learn better and do better, and 2) sign up for First Step to Famous, a free video mini-series designed to walk you through the basics of #brandstrategy (find the link in our bio).

The course is taught by Rory Vaden and AJ Vaden, each a highly-acclaimed #personalbrandexpert in their own right. See you in there!



You are someone with an #entrepreneurmindset, and you’re interested in building an #influentialpersonalbrand. And if we were to guess, we’d bet that your mission is just as important to you as the money you make along the way. In truth, the two go hand in hand.

Here at Brand Builders Group, we like to think of this mission/money relationship in terms of your portfolios 📂:

First, what does your PLATFORM portfolio look like? 💻 Social media, websites, blogs, podcasts, books, presentations, etc… are you showing up for your audience in multiple ways as you #buildyourbrand? Put another way, how is your reach?

And second, what does your PROFIT portfolio look like? 💲 Have you taken the #personalbranding steps to turn your reputation into revenue through things like books, courses, coaching, or affiliate marketing?

Which of these two portfolios is your strong suit? What obstacles have you encountered as you’ve worked to build them both? Let’s discuss in the comments! 👇

For more #personalbrandingtips and expert guidance from a #personalbrandstrategist, sign up for our FREE video mini-series, First Step to Famous. You’ll be building BOTH of these portfolios and learning all about #brandstrategy in no time! Head to our bio for the link to register!



Hey there. We know you’re a busy #entrepreneur, ⌚ so we’ll get straight to the point. 

Brand Builders Group has created a free video mini-series specifically for someone like you—someone eager to build an #influentialpersonalbrand.

It’s called First Step to Famous, and it’s filled with #personalbrandingtips and #brand strategy. You’ll be taught by Rory and AJ Vaden—each a veritable #brandingexpert— and will leave feeling confident in the next steps for you #branddevelopment.

And because it’s completely free, you have nothing to lose! 😁

Check out the link in our bio and shout “YES” in the comments if you’re ready to crush your #entrepreneurgoals and #buildyourbrand!



Answering this question is the first step to creating an #influentialpersonalbrand. Without getting clear on what problem you solve, you won’t know how to talk to your audience (or even who your audience truly is).

Another way to think about it is “to what question are you the answer?” 🤔

So, let’s hear it! What is the top problem you solve for your clients? Drop it in the comments below!

Find out the next steps to #buildyourbrand in our free video mini-series, First Step to Famous (link is in our bio). You’ll be taught #brandstrategy by the world’s leading #personalbrandingexpert, and will come away with the confidence to crush your #entrepreneurgoals. 😎 



Yep, you saw that correctly. In order for your #brandstrategy to be effective, you have to identify what problem you solve, and then sell it.

This advice might seem counter-intuitive. A question we get a lot is “won’t it be disempowering for our potential clients if we focus on selling the problem?”

Not necessarily.

You’ve heard the phrase “you don’t know what you don’t know,” right? 🤔 The same is true for your clients. While offering solutions IS important, without highlighting the problem many in your audience won’t even realize how much they struggle with it, nor how much better their lives will be when they apply your expertise.

By selling the problem, you help your clients gain clarity around their needs! 👍 

For more #personalbrandingtips like this one, check out our free video mini-series, First Step to Famous (find the link in our bio!). You’ll get #brandinginspiration and professional insights from a world-class #personalbrandingexpert. It’s a total game-changer as you #buildyourbrand!

What’s a challenge you’re facing with your own #personalbrand that you never anticipated when you first became an #entrepreneur? Drop it in the comments below.👇



Every #personalbrandstrategist on our team here at Brand Builders Group 😍LOVES😍 to see the way clients get excited when they talk about their passions. And a large part of building an #influentialpersonalbrand is knowing what lights you up!

So let’s hear it! What stuff do YOU find fascinating? What things do you love to teach others? What subjects do you never tire of learning? What topics could you talk about for hours? Share with us in the comments! 👇

To be guided through all of the the fundamentals of #branddesign and #brandstrategy, head on over to our bio and check out the link to First Step to Famous, a free video mini-series filled with #personalbrandingtips to help you live a successful #entrepreneurlife. 😎



Quick question: What is the difference between experience and expertise, and when it comes to #personalbranding is one more important than the other? 🤔

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know the answer. Instead, think for a moment about your favorite candy bar. 🍫

Your experience is the stuff you’ve actually lived through. It’s what gives you your purpose and makes you excited to do the work you do. It’s internal—the candy bar itself, in all of its chocolaty, caramel-filled, peanut-studded glory.

Your expertise is external, and includes all of your accolades, degrees, awards, and memberships. It’s the books you’ve written and the presentations you’ve given. It’s the colorful candy wrapper, enticing clients to buy.

So while both experience and expertise play integral roles in your #branddevelopment, you can be sure that without the pretty packaging of expertise, you’ll be far less likely to reach the celebrity status you want, regardless of your experience.

Hopefully this gets your wheels turning about your personal #brandstrategy! 

If you’re itching to learn more, head to our bio for the link to sign up for First Step to Famous, our free video mini-series where you’ll be taught the fundamentals of #branddesign by a #personalbrandingexpert.

And, just for fun, share your favorite candy bar with us in the comments. 😜 



We’ve talked before about how important it is to find your niche, but what exactly does that mean? Today, we’re going to break it down into 3 facets for you.

1️⃣WHO is your ideal client? 🧍 Create a client avatar that includes demographics (age, gender, industry, income, education, religion...) as well as their psychographics (passions, interests, worries, fears, wants, needs...).

2️⃣WHERE does this person spend their time, both physically and mentally? 💻 Think about what they listen to, what they are reading, and where they are going. Then place yourself and your content in those places!

3️⃣WHAT do they want? 💗 What matters to them? What do they care most about? Use the answers to these questions to create the type of content that will resonate with your ideal client.

Seems easy, right? In truth, we’ve barely scratched the surface.

For more detailed questions to get you thinking about the WHO, WHERE, and WHAT of your target market, sign up for First Step to Famous. It’s a video mini-series we created to help you #buildyourbrand. Get dozens of #personalbrandingtips and pointed advice from a #personalbrandstrategist, straight to your inbox. The best part? It’s totally free!

Click the link in our bio or drop a “YES” below to learn more!



So you want to build an #influentialpersonalbrand. Well my friend, you are in the right place! 👍

We’re about to give you the cliff notes version of 3 of the most important metrics of #branddevelopment. 

(For a more detailed run-down, check out the link in our bio and sign up for First Step to Famous, a free video mini-series filled with #personalbrandingtips and designed to start you off on the right foot as you #buildyourbrand!)

Step 1️⃣: In as much detail as possible, figure out what PROBLEM 🤔 you solve for your clients. For bonus points and greater success, also think about how that intersects with what you’re PASSIONATE about.

Step 2️⃣: Think about your top areas of experience and expertise; what do you speak/write about? What have you earned/achieved/been awarded? Then use those insights to PACKAGE 🎁 yourself in a way that positions you as the expert.

Step 3️⃣: Define your PEOPLE. 🤸 Who is your target market, where do they hang out (physically and online), and what things matter to them the most? Go into as much detail as possible here! 

Okay, now it’s poll time: Which of these three steps seems the most complicated to you? Drop a number 1️⃣, 2️⃣, or 3️⃣ in the comments! 


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